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is to ensure that all individuals with limb differences

have equal access to advanced prosthetics

Individual Wearing Prosthetic Arm

"I never thought I would have a prosthetic as an adult because the process is so hard with insurance."

Child Wearing Bionic Arm

"We are so grateful you were able to give our baby fingers that move, something she has been asking for since she could speak."

Adult Male Wearing Myoelectric Arm

"There are not enough words to thank you for all the efforts so that my dream of many years would come true and that it could be fulfilled in the month of my birthday."

In February of 2022, the world was brought to its knees due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, revealing the reality of war and the strength of humanity. There are tragic repercussions when innocent lives get trapped in the middle of conflict. Apart from the fatalities brought on by such conflict, the war in Ukraine is leaving many people with unimaginable injuries, including the loss of one or more limbs.


Estimates of the number of wounded civilians range from around 4,600 by the UN to tens of thousands by authorities on the ground.* Hundreds of people have lost their limbs.


The Campaign:

Singularity Group and Unlimited Tomorrow, with support from partners on the ground, are collaborating to help amputee victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Together we are raising 1 million dollars through our GoFundMe campaign to enable us to deliver prosthetic arms to 100 people in need.


December 1, 2022

As many of you know, our entire operation providing personalized prosthesis to Ukrainian amputation victims is funded by donations from you and our partners, and for that we are truly thankful. Through your help, you have become a significant part of this mission to make an impact by changing the lives of Ukrainian war victims.

Along with your support, we would like to highlight the teams behind the mission and those on the ground making our work happen. Unlimited Tomorrow prosthetic arm manufacturer ( 3D-prints personalized arm prosthetics. Singularity Group (, a global impact organization shares their connections through their global network and spearheads the supply chain initiative through Singularity chapters on the ground in places like Ukraine and Poland. And, of course, there is Siemens Caring Hands (, a global charitable organization that recently partnered with Unlimited Tomorrow to help ensure that the prosthetics fit perfectly and provided $250,000 to the Global Initiative to secure prostheses for Ukrainian victims. This donation is enough to cover the costs for 25 victims alone!

Siemens has launched a series of humanitarian measures to support local Ukrainian families and refugees from the war zone since the beginning of March 2022. Through the Siemens Caring Hands organization, Siemens AG and Siemens Healthineers have donated emergency aid of over 1 million dollars each to the Red Cross, Caritas and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe. In addition, Siemens is doubling every euro donated to Siemens Caring Hands here. So far, more than €11 million have been collected for aid projects in Ukraine.

As individuals, we can accomplish big things, as a team we are an un

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