Our Story

To better understand Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative’s mission, which is, “to create new opportunities by unlocking every being's full potential through our technology and services,” one must understand the technology behind Unlimited Tomorrow.  Unlimited Tomorrow, founded by Easton LaChappelle, utilizes modern manufacturing and software technologies to create prosthetic devices for an underserved market. 

They aim to create devices that exceed the functionality of high-end prosthetics for a fraction of the cost through the integration of cutting edge 3D printing, AI/machine learning, and design automation techniques.  In fact, not only does their technology provide for a better product that is functional, durable, lightweight and personalized to each individual, but the price is significantly less than the cost of what most amputees currently pay in deductibles alone.

Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative was born out of the idea of wanting everyone to have equal access to this technology.  President of UTGI, LaChappelle, says, “The Unlimited Tomorrow Global Initiative is crucial to creating change and assistance to people around the world.”  In addition to LaChappelle, joining him on the board are Jonathan Berry, Debra Pemstein, Zachary Hurst and Michelle Hutchinson.

...and you can help us continue making a difference today.